Nintendo and Argonaut’s groundbreaking 3D shooter turned a lot of heads when it first hit the Super Nintendo back in the day, and for good reason – it was a fantastic game!

But of course it was the visuals that drew the crowds – all those rotating polygons! Polygons on a console, that was sheer madness. It was like those games that were starting to be on the PC, but actually within the price range of mere mortals. It took the whiz-bang tech of games like Starglider 2 and married it with Nintendo’s character design and pick-up-and-play sensibility, and it turned out just wonderfully.

I played the crap out of Star Fox (Star Wing in PAL territories for some reason nobody could ever quite agree on – was it because of some ancient computer game called Star Fox? Was it a dispute with Lucasarts? Every magazine back in the day had their own theory) and loved finding all the little secrets. There were the simple ones like following Slippy through the arches at the start which gave you a hidden power up, and then there were the pilots floating in space (presumably dead, but hey) after you shot some asteroids, and then there the just darn goofy ones like the hidden level with a fruit machine in it that you could never escape from. What was the deal with that? I guess space gambling is a problem.

I like the way the captain says GOOD LUCK at the start of your mission, that’s neat, I wish that was a ring tone.