Sega’s rejigging of the Atari 2600 “classic” Keystone Kapers had a certain charm, with the glory of its early ’90s raytraced graphics and comical presentation. I just was never really sure if it was worth the asking price.

$80 was a lot of money back in 1991 for a game that didn’t have the flash and style of Sonic The Hedgehog, Strider or Super Monaco GrandPrix, which is kind of where my head was at when it came to arcade-style action that showed off what the MegaDrive was capable of. Even the much cheaper Commodore 64 version (which was a nice port) didn’t appeal because without the flashy presentation the gameplay looked pretty shallow.

Still, I do like the character design. Apparently they were Sega’s take on The Blues Brothers, which is kind of funny looking back on it, and I did like how they reappeared in that Sonic racing game that I bought twice and played never because seriously who the hell has time to play video games.

I think a video game character employment agency would be a cool place to work. You’d meet all sorts of interesting people, and things, and who knows what the hell Wizball was.