A large part of this movie was filmed just down the road from where I lived, at Warner Brother’s Movie World at the Gold Coast, Australia. This was a huge deal back then! We used to drive down there and try to sneak in but NOPE I guess security was a thing back then. Bah.

It’s no secret that Street Fighter 2 was a big deal to me. The animated movie was pretty cool and all but man, a live action movie? That was just a crazy concept, it was like the world was saying that video games were legitimate or something!

My brother and I had set characters we would always play as. I would be Ryu and he was always Vega and we would fight each other as them all day every day. And maaaaaan at the end of the movie where Ryu BEATS Vega that was just absolutely fantastic and worth the ticket price because that was now CANON and my brother could just suck it.

Also – the game was pretty God damn terrible, and it baffled my brain why they didn’t just re-release Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo with new graphics?