AKA Krusty’s Super Fun House on the Super Nintendo and MegaDrive AKA Krusty World in Japan AKA a game that wasn’t actually meant to be a Simpsons game until just before it came out.

This is an OK game, sorta, I guess? A symptom of it not being really developed with the Simpsons in mind is that we end up with Bart Simpson just standing around a rat-stomping machine like it’s no big deal. There’s overly convoluted mazes to explore where you collect items for you to make paths for your rats to follow to their demise and well that’s pretty much it but back in 1992 that’s pretty much all you needed to make a video game. Back when Lemmings was a “thing” instead of a sadly neglected Sony property everyone was looking for the “next Lemmings” so it’s easy to see why this got published.

Anyway, I bought this because I am a perpetual sucker for Simpsons games and always will be. Not to mention that I enjoy drawing the buggers because that gives me yet another excuse to watch more Simpsons on TV.