One of the most sought-after items from the Super Blow The Cartridge Kickstarter was the opportunity to pick a game for me to make a comic about – and now here’s a chance for everyone to get in on the action!


I’ve added custom Blow The Cartridge comics to the Shop today – just pick a game (no matter how obscure or awful it is) and I’ll make a comic about it delivered directly to you! Once it’s made I’ll send you the high-res art and a web-friendly version for you to show the world your awesome taste in games. Oh and like the other comics on Blow The Cartridge, they’re in full colour and look great when printed.

And as a special introductory offer, I’m cutting the price to an absolutely goofy $10 each – that’s less than half price – but get in fast before the meds wear off and I take these back up to the regular cost or my arm falls off.

Grab your custom Blow The Cartridge comic from the Shop now!