I always thought it was weird how in Operation Wolf you just casually strolled through enemy territory like you’re on your way to a family picnic.

This was a hotly anticipated arcade conversion to the home computers of the day, and I remember seeing the Amiga screenshots and thinking that a game that looked that good just HAD to be amazing to play…and good lord it actually was fun! Even the C64 conversion held up pretty well, and supported mice which was a crazy concept in 1988.

The real fun, of course, was playing the versions that had light gun support like the Master System and NES conversions. Of course there would always be one chump who thinks he’s super cool because he figured out that the game got easier the closer you held the gun to the screen. I hated those guys!

Oh hey here is an arcade walkthrough for you to enjoy! Just be warned that it will give you an epileptic fit because of how light guns work.