I know everyone likes to talk about their first Mario Kart being the best one, like for example a lot of people I know started with Mario Kart 64 and say that’s NOT average at best! But you can’t doubt that as far as battle mode goes, it never got better than Battle Course 2 on Super Nintendo.

There was just something about how the karts gripped the road as you slid around the corner, the colour-coded sections of the map that let you know instantly where your opponent was, and the size of the map that perfectly hit the sweet spot between hunting and conflict that made for a perfect head-to-head experience. And for once, just once, I felt like I was playing against someone who was completely equally skilled as myself in a game. Usually I’m the guy that completely sucks in comparison to the person I’m playing with.

Oh and here’s your time-lapse video of me drawing the comic! It is sped up considerably over the 15 or so hours it took me to make it. Not pictured: me trying to balance the Surface Pro 2 on my lap with various cats crawling all over me every night, or compensating for mistakes made when people keep bumping the damn work lunch table, or trying to keep away from people while I’m drawing in a crowded pub full of jerks. CARTOONING IS A HARD LIFE.