I love love LOVE Yoshi’s Island so so much. It is pretty much my favourite platform game ever!

There is so much to explore and find and do and enjoy, there is always something new to find even twenty years after the game first came out. It is a great Mario game!

It’s one of the games I have to play with the sound down though, because Mario’s high pitched screams would drive the wife nuts. This is a shame, because not only is this one of those things I wish I knew about her before I got married but Yoshi’s Island has an absolutely fantastic soundtrack!

I love the opening story that’s told like a children’s book. I love the toy box music in the intro that actually slows down to a stop before someone cranks it back up again. I love the title screen that changes depending on how you’re doing and I completely ripped off for a game I helped make many years later. I love that the entire game is so happy. I love the crayon graphics. I love the blackboard graphics. I love the 3D graphics. I love different vehicles you can transform into and why didn’t anyone think that was weird. I love that Mario and Luigi were such good brothers that they always knew where each other were. I love Baby Mario and Luigi. I love that everything looks like it was drawn by hand. I love the boss battles. I love how every level offers a new surprise and something you don’t see anywhere else. I love the battle on the moon. I love the final boss battle. I love so much about this game!

This was the last great SNES game and I really think it was the last great 2D platform game too. If you’ve never played it I can’t encourage you to try it enough. It was also released on GBA and that was pretty good too, but the SNES one is the best.

OK now watch me draw this comic thanks to the power of YouTube!