Rick Dangerous returned in this cute platformer that got rid of the obvious Indiana Jones motif and, to be honest, I feel the game was worse off for it. I mean, who wants to see an Indiana Jones character deal with science fiction stuff?

Man, this game was HARD! I really feel like it’s very much an ‘old school’ platformer in the vein of Manic Miner where you have to memorise each screen and play through it a billion times to get anywhere because of its crushing, often unfair difficulty, just with ‘cute console style’ visuals tacked on top. If this was released on the consoles of the era I think it would have been largely ignored, but on the home computers Rick Dangerous still enjoys a favourable following.

Still! It’s worth a try on your C64 / Amiga / whatever!

And now here’s a video of me drawing the comic! This one came together really quickly, THANK GOODNESS.