Aw yeah TETRIS GOD DAMN ATTACK now this game was my JAM.

I know it was originally Panel De Pon in Japan and then it became Pokémon Puzzle League but to me it’ll always be Tetris Attack, the maddeningly addictive puzzle game that was permanently lodged inside my OG Game Boy for a good year after it came out, and then permanently lodged inside the Super Game Boy once my sister discovered how great it was.

I am no good at Tetris Attack. I mean I am HOPELESS at Tetris Attack. That didn’t stop me from playing it for hours on end, hoping that I could somehow get better at it, but I never really understood how to see chain reactions ahead of time, they just kind of happened to me by fluke and I rolled with it like I knew what was going on.

Disappointingly I never got around to playing the SNES version, which is a shame because I know I would have enjoyed the two player mode!

I busted this comic out really quickly across multiple devices so I don’t have a video to show of me drawing it so here’s a play through of the Game Boy version.