The first thing I do after surviving a plane crash is grab my gun and kill everyone who comes running towards me, it’s a natural response really.

Ikari Warriors! I really enjoyed this in the arcade for the couple of times I was fortunate enough to find a cabinet, but the unique control system made it a bit of a rarity. It had a conventional eight-way joystick to control movement, but the joystick also rotated so you can change the direction the player faced. Kind of like what if Smash TV‘s perfect twin-joystick controls got smooshed into one sorta-working joystick deal.

The home conversions worked better, especially because once you paid for the game (you did pay for your copy right…definitely no eagle holding a floppy disc graphic appearing when you first load the game here, no sir, cough) you could play lots of times and get better at it and get further into it each try. And it was a great laugh in two player mode as you steal the tank your mate was going after only to get it blown up a few seconds later.

But ugh that music. That 17 second-long music, that just looped forever, NO THANK YOU SIR.