I think it’s time that we, as a gaming community, finally get together and come to terms with one of the industry’s deepest shames: Klax wasn’t as good a game as we say it was.

I know reading that hurts. You’re probably angry at me right now. “NO!” you might be screaming, “KLAX WAS A ’90s PUZZLE GAME MASTERPIECE!” and to be honest I understand. We’ve all been there. We’ve all fired up Klax at one point or another, determined to have fun at this overly complex puzzle game. Some of us found the courage to admit that it wasn’t as addictive as everyone else was saying it was, is all. Some of us owned Lynxes and couldn’t play Tetris. I get it.

But now the ’90s are over, and there is no longer time for Klax, and we can move on with our lives with new hope.