Alright, here’s my Terry’s Big Adventure story.

As I’ve told you before, I used to get a big batch of new Commodore 64 games every fortnight from the local computer club. I would scour the magazines for reviews of all the greatest games around, and make sure that I had enough blank floppies to get ‘evaluation’ copies. For one reason or another, I had a couple of spare blanks at the end of one of those club meetings, so was just grabbing random games and figured something might be interesting.

One of those games was Terry’s Big Adventure, a cute and colourful take on the Super Mario Bros. formula that replaced jumping on goombas with attacking them with yo-yos. It was a very pleasant game, with cheerful music and bright backdrops to accompany you on your journey through the various worlds. I liked how you got knocked back a bit when you hit an enemy, that was a cool touch and stopped you from just rampaging through each stage.

Anyway, for some reason my sister really got into Terry’s Big Adventure. She liked Great Giana Sisters a lot a year or two prior, and this was outwardly similar, so it made sense in retrospect but man she ticked me off. Every single day after school she would race me home in order to get to the Commodore 64 first and then just play Terry’s for like three hours while I waited for her to get off and play some real game like…oh I dunno, probably Elite again.

After weeks of this I had had enough of her hogging my Commodore 64, and I did what any sensible person would do: I formatted the Terry’s Big Adventure disk.

She didn’t speak to me for years after that.

I was not a good person, now that I think of it.