Samurai Shodown is the real deal, folks. It’s got awesome sword fights, an over-excited voice over artist and a DANCING BACKGROUND BEAR.

You know how I keep doing Street Fighter comics where I mention I am actually terrible at Street Fighter? I am even worse at Samurai Shodown. I don’t know half the character’s moves. I have yet to understand why characters turn red and I guess I’m meant to do something? No idea. I just love smacking people around and the cool little sword trick Hoamuru does when he wins.

I managed to find the Japanese version of the Game Boy port, and played the CRAP out of it on the Super Game Boy, that was a load of fun. It was equally incomprehensible but again, just a load of fun to stab people with.

Oh yeah! This is the first Blow The Cartridge appearance of Turbo, the old dude in the wheelchair that hung around the video shop we played arcade games, and I did use this trick to FINALLY win a round against him. I mentioned him a while ago in the Final Fight comic write up too. I wonder what he’s up to now?