No lie, I would watch the crap out of this show every week.

So what can anyone say about Doom that hasn’t been said before? I remember when it came out I had to work some intense voodoo to get it running on the family PC – a dusty old Commodore-branded 386 that by all rights shouldn’t have even been able to load the damn thing, let alone run it – and then realising that I needed to upgrade RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Doom was awesome! We had a lot of fun hooking up several PCs with arcane serial and printer port connections just to get some deathmatch going, and none of us realised just how bad we were at playing the damn thing. This was before you could look around with the mouse, for Chrissakes. Good times!

Oh I sunk an inordinate amount of time into the Super Nintendo version, that was strangely fun, and then I spent a small fortune finding a 32X cart that I never played WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS.