It would have been a lot easier to make a dumb comic about clowns in cars or something, but as usual I took a detour and ended up with a story I’m always reminded me of when I think about Continental Circus.

I got a copy of it the day I finished high school, and spent the night playing it non-stop instead of celebrating my new-found freedom. This was mainly due to that freedom not exactly being new-found: I had pretty much stopped attending high school at all well before it was time to graduate, and so every night was spent playing video games of one sort or another, so it was really not much different. But I do remember feeling a lot of pressure to be out and doing something like all those movies and TV shows about video games showed.

The game still holds up really well! It feels nice and fun to play, not too technical like so many other Formula One-inspired racing games tend to be, and I like the cartoony graphics.

Maybe they should have added clowns.