I fully acknowledge that posting this comic about Super Metroid may result in my handing over my Retrogamer License.

However, it is important that the truth must be told.

OK it’s not completely true. I’ve played Super Metroid lots of times. Well to be more accurate I’ve played the first twenty minutes of Super Metroid lots of times.

At the risk of being completely ostracized from the gaming community, Super Metroid never really clicked with me. I guess it was always a bit…I dunno, daunting? I know it’s a classic, I completely respect it, but I missed it when it first came out and I always felt kinda that You Had To Be There.

OK well if this is the last Blow The Cartridge I post before I am attacked and killed by furious readers with pitchforks I’d like to thank you all for your time and please let me just have one last curry before I die ta.