Huge thanks to my pal, my buddy, my secret lover Mister J for drawing this comic after my Surface Pro 2 power supply went kablooey. J is easily my favourite cartoonist and he has his own website – Mr. J Comics – where he posts a new comic every day about movies, music and wrestling! Go read it and tell him I sent you 🙂

I never got on with Myst myself to be honest. I remember seeing it when I got my first PC CD-ROM drive and thinking yes it’s very pretty and all, but there isn’t a lot to actually do, you know? I like point and click adventure / puzzle games but Myst was devoid of character and charm that infused titles like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle, so I never got into it.

A few years later Myst was released for the PlayStation and I reviewed it for a national publication. I gave it a 2/10 and called it a dull, lifeless experience. The editor ran the review intact but also added a box out that basically called me a crazy person. Sony PR went NUTS, emailed me exasperated and stopped sending me games for months. GOOD TIMES!

It’s still not a good game.