Poor ol’ Mr. Heli just can’t catch a break (but I guess he’ll catch a cold).

I liked playing Mr. Heli a lot! It was a cute little shmup, and I liked the adorable vehicle designs, and the way you had to destroy the environment to get money and access to shops. The comic was originally going to be about how much of a hassle it was to go to the shops to get some milk, but that would have required lots of drawing and you guys know how I feel about effort.

Mr. Heli also had homing missiles, which as we all know are just the absolute best thing to have in any video game. I’d like a video game with JUST homing missiles. Like, you play AS a homing missile and you fire out other homing missiles at other homing missiles that would be neat someone get the boss of videogames on the phone let’s do a deal.