Yes, this is the true story of the day I met Satoru Iwata and made a complete fool of myself in the process.

I don’t remember much of GDC 2006 beyond this incident, and seeing Eugene Jarvis play saxaphone in the Marriott lobby, and it’s safe to say that I really had no real business being at the Game Developer’s Conference because I was just a shmuck who just drank his way through the week instead of learning how to be a better game developer.

Videogames are going to miss Iwata. When you consider how many big wigs in the games business have very little love for video games, and what they could be, you realize what a damn shame he is no longer with us.

Bonus trivia fact! Iwata started off as an intern programmer for HAL Laboratories, which was started to make games for Commodore Japan. His first games were for the Vic-20! I think that’s just freaking awesome!