We’re ten days into this year’s C64 Month (#c64month, #everyoneshouldplayc64everydayanyway) and when you talk about Commodore 64 with people who haven’t touched one for a while, it’s common to start reminiscing about the classics. There’s a lot of us out there who have sunk countless hours into the well-known C64 hits of the ‘80s like International Karate +, Elite, Last Ninja, Stunt Car Racer and Impossible Mission, and they’re all still great games worthy of your time! However, I thought today I’d talk about the NEW Commodore 64 games that you can try out.

What, NEW Commodore 64 games?! Yep. There’s new games being made for the humble 8-bit micro all the time! Thanks to new development tools and the all-round general awesomeness of the C64 community, more and more people are finding new ways to create great games. Here’s a look at the ones I’ve enjoyed the most recently:

Guns & Ghosts is a really cool platform shooter for one or two players, and is so much better with a second player. You have one guy with a long range shotgun, and one guy with a short range electric…zappy…thing. Together you take on the army of the undead, and it’s an absolute riot. Imagine if Snow Bros had zombies in it. Yeah, I know, right?

Rocket Smash EX took up a LOT of my time when it first came out, and I hope you give it a try. It takes the single-screen shooter formula of Jetpac and makes it faster, harder, and more action-packed, with you zipping around the screen collecting parts for a rocket ship while blasting aliens. It looks amazing and is a real great high-score chaser of a game.

Jam It! is really, really fun. Imagine NBA Jam, but with the action on half the court and the viewpoint more like that old Larry vs Bird game EA did like thirty years ago. I enjoyed this game a heck of a lot! You should buy a copy here http://throwbackgames.itch.io/jam-it

P0 Snake looks like a simple Snake-style game on the C64, and it is, but I love how cool and organic it looks. It’s got a nice one button control system and the graphics are super colourful and vibrant which I really like.

Bomberland is basically Bomberman on the C64, BUT it supports four players AND good freaking gracious is it absolutely so much fun. I have had people swear loudly at me while playing it, and that’s a sure sign of a good game in my book!

Finally, my favourite new C64 game of recent memory is Ant Stiller’s fantastic Abyssonaut, a sideways-scrolling underwater explore ‘em up that reveals hidden depths every time you play it. Written using a heavily-modified version of the venerable Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit, Abyssonaut rightly won this year’s SEUCK compo and you should check out what all the fuss is about!

There’s plenty more out there for you to discover – did you know Super Meat Boy, Canabalt and Hexagon have recently been ported to the C64, and the arcade conversions of Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins and Commando have been given luscious makeovers? So take the chance on something new and you might be pleasantly surprised!