One of the nice things about doing Blow The Cartridge (besides the money, fame and countless Hollywood celebrities that throw themselves at me, of course) is that every now and then I can discover a classic game that for one reason or another slipped by me when it first came out. Solar Jetman is one of these games!

For some reason I just thought this was a souped up version of Rare’s earlier Jetpac title, one that didn’t really interest me upon its initial release – plus it was on the NES which as you know wasn’t exactly on my radar. However I gave this a solid play when I started work on ths comic and I couldn’t have been more wrong about it – Solar Jetman is awesome! It’s basically a superior version of Thrust on the C64, which is a game I absolutely adored back in the day, and there’s tons of exploration and shooting involved and the controls aren’t torturous.

I also rediscovered that there is an unreleased C64 version of this out there, and it’s FANTASTIC – but I have to admit the NES version just looks a bit nicer. Man, I’m almost mad I missed out on playing this when it first appeared!