Burnout was a fantastic racing game that was an even better game when you just gave up the idea of racing and just wanted to smash cars together.

Loved every single one of these games, and sunk a whole year into Burnout Paradise, but man I would love a new game that had a real crash mode in it.

This strip was inspired by my current predicament of having to go car shopping. I know absolutely nothing about cars. I bought my last car because it was blue and it had a working radio, that’s as far as the salesman got before I handed over the money.

So now I’m car shopping again and I realised that the only cars i actually care about are ones I played in video games. For some reason I always drifted (ha) towards the Mitubishi Lancer in Gran Turismo and Sega Rally 2, so I gave that a spin and thought it was OK but I wasn’t in love with it, I was just into it because I was used to it from videogames. Truth be told if I was going to buy a vehicle just because I sunk hours into driving one in a game I should just go and buy a Mario Kart.