Following on from the incredible Creatures, Apex Production’s puzzle-platformer Creatures 2 pushed the Commodore 64 even further than what anyone thought possible, and thankfully was a fun game to boot. Each level is set in a single-screen Rube Golderg-inspired torture device, with you (as plucky Clyde Radcliffe) having to rescue his fluffy friends before they meet their (quite grisly) demise.

Well, some of his friends, anyway.

I loved this game when I eventually got to play it, many years after its initial release. No stores in Australia carried it, and it wasn’t until emulation became a thing in the late ’90s that I was able to see what the fuss was about. Totally worth the wait, though.

(This comic originally ran in Reset 64 magazine over a year ago! Go check them out and read about all the latest Commodore 64 news!)