Today I thought instead of picking on poor old Crash Bandicoot I’d pick on us poor old gamers who, thanks to a lifetime spent in front of the TV screen with a controller in their hands, have the attention span of a goldfish hey did you know Oreo cookies are Vegan-friendly because they have no dairy content?

Speaking of Netflix I cancelled my cable TV today and it felt great, but man the questions and weirdness you have to go through in order to get them to agree to cancel your service is just odd. They asked me why I wanted to cancel, I said I have Netflix. They asked what I watched on my current cable service, I said Simpsons and that’s it. They asked what I watch on Netflix and I said Marvel content, and then they warned me that there might not be a second Jessica Jones series, and I was like…ohhhkay? That’s…nice? I’m not sure why that would make me change my mind and keep giving them $80 a month? Then they suggested that since I like Marvel content I should stick with them because they have The Flash and Supergirl.


(I’m sure The Flash and Supergirl are great shows, they really look like a lot of fun! It’s nice to see bright, colourful superhero adventures done right! But there’s only so many superhero shows that I can make the wife sit through on a weekly basis, so I have to draw the line somewhere)

Uh where was I. Oh yeah Crash Bandicoot 2 was cool back in the day, but we recently fired it up on the Vita and…it’s fair to say it does not grab your attention like it did back in the day. But seriously, what can any more?