When the Batman movie came out in 1989 there was nobody around that was a bigger fan of Batman than me. I was completely obsessed with the character, I thought he was just the coolest, and I fondly remember taking the day off school to go see the movie on opening day!

You have to understand that the Batman movie was the pop culture event of the year. You couldn’t swing a bat without hitting some merchandise or mention of the film. It was all anyone talked about for months! I couldn’t have been more excited, sitting in the theatre with my Batman cup of Batsoda and eating Batman popcorn.

It was the greatest movie I had ever seen, but to be fair I hadn’t seen that many movies up to that point and Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure wasn’t to come out in Australia for a few months yet.

Anyway, if I was Bruce Wayne I would have been pretty ticked off at Alfred just inviting Vicki Vale into the Batcave like that. And why was Bruce Wayne wearing glasses? That was weird. It was a weird movie if you look back on it.

My favourite bit of the game was the driving sequence, especially on the Amiga version which was in 3D and not top-down like the Commodore 64 one. Still, the games were far better than they had much right to be!