I absolutely adore Wonderboy in Monsterland! It is one of my all time favourite games – a delightful mix of RPG and platform action that worked surprisingly well as an arcade game but became a must-play on home machines. It’s a damn sight more fun than the original Wonderboy, though you don’t get to crack open eggs, and more light hearted than Wonderboy in Monsterworld.

Huh, I forgot I also did a comic about Wonderboy 3: The Dragon’s Trap too. That’s a lot of Wonderboy!

I first played Monsterland on the C64, a very nice conversion that was let down by tiny sprites and way-too-frequent pauses for loading. The Sega Master System version was the one I sunk the most number of hours into, and that’s the one I return to again and again. It recently got re-released for the PlayStation 3, and that is fun too and of course arcade-perfect.

I never got to play the PC Engine version! The Games Machine practically drooled over that one! I wanted a PC Engine SO BADLY looking at their preview of Wonderboy in Monsterland.

At any rate, none of the bar operators in the game thought twice about selling wine to a minor, which was just plain weird when you think about it. What kind of place is Monsterland anyway?!

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