That bloody Pixels movie has a lot to answer for, and what’s with young people today not having the exact same childhood memories as I have? There should be a law against it.

I love Galaga. I love it to absolute bits. If I ever get rich enough to have lots of single-game arcade cabinets, Galaga would be right on top of the list (after getting Street Fighter Alpha 2, obviously). I love the upgrade system, I love the bonus rounds, I love that the enemies are predictable enough to build strategies against but unpredictable enough to keep you on your toes. It’s pretty much the perfect old-school arcade game.

You can get it for pretty much every system ever, but the one I spent the most time with was the fantastic first Namco Museum collection for PlayStation 1, and it came complete with late ’90s “virtual museum” that you could explore in all of its chunky 3D, low resolution goodness. Wow, remember when re-buying old games in fancy new packaging was a new thing?