Hello! August is the month where people worldwide celebrate one of the greatest gaming systems ever made, the incredible Commodore 64! And of course Blow The Cartridge will be updating every single day in August with something Commodore 64 related, because I am mad for the humble C64, I am.

On Wednesdays there’ll be new comics, of course, and they’ll all be C64 related, and on every other day I’ll be posting about a C64 game that you might not know about – 26 of them, in fact!

So let’s get started with Ancipital!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Jeff Minter’s unique brand of videogame madcap hijinks, and Ancipital is a great introduction to what all the fuss was about. Ancipital is a crazy shooter where your goat…thing can change what wall he’s walking on, and shoots towards the centre of the screen and you try to make your way around the world.

It’s the things you shoot, and the things you shoot at, that grab your attention. Everything is random and bizarre and weird and goofy and you really need to try it.

Also, here’s my Ancipital comic!

Come back tomorrow for something explosive 🙂