To celebrate August being C64 Month, we’re writing about a different Commodore 64 game every day! Start from the beginning here!

So I said before that this year’s blog posts about C64 Month wouldn’t include any licensed games, and Oink is kind of a license, but it’s also quite an original game and this is my site anyway and you’re not my real dad anyway.

I was a huge fan of Oink back in the day. It was a fortnightly British comic that was basically Viz for kids, and I adored its random scatological humour. The game pit you with the task of assembling a comic book (so that was a big draw to me too) for Uncle Pigg the editor by completing three minigames starring some of Oink’s recurring characters.

There was Pete’s Pimple, a simple Breakout clone with the action rotated 90 degrees, an occasionally buggy horizontally scrolling shmup starring Rubbish Man, and some kind of maze exploration game that was ostensibly about Tom Thug but uh there were robots and I think they just had some code lying about and just slapped it into the game at the last minute.

Anyway, the minigames weren’t individually all that great but they added up to a decent package, and the jokes were pretty spot on to match the extra low-brow humour, and now I want to go read a bunch of Oink comics again, so it’s a win-win really!

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