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OK yes this is technically more of a (boo, hiss) Spectrum game than a Commodore 64 one but I played this little gem of a game a lot on the old breadbin so I might as well justify that time by making a blog post!

Rockstar Ate My Hamster was a management game where you were a music producer, eager to become the next Stock Aitken Waterman and win four gold albums. You select an artist, each one a parody of a famous ‘80s pop star, and then go about the business of making them a star. There’s songs to write (and name), tours to book and perform at (you start at the local pub playing for pennies, and the aim is to sell out Wembley Stadium) and, most importantly, scandals to get involved in.

You see, there really is no such thing as bad publicity, and getting your star’s mug on the front page of the local paper is huge for your business. So getting your name in the paper means that you sell more records, climb up the charts and have Hollywood bigwigs knocking on the door desperate to direct your next music video.

It’s all hilariously dated now (hey, remember buying music? Ah, good times) but there’s an addictive quality to it all and it’s fun seeing the inner workings of the music industry being parodied like this.

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