To celebrate August being C64 Month, we’re writing about a different Commodore 64 game every day! Start from the beginning here!

Visible Solar System isn’t a game really. All it does is show you how the solar system looks from any vantage point at any time. That’s it.

Heck, there’s not even a YouTube video of the C64 version, just the poor man’s Vic 20 version! Yikes! No love for Visible Solar System in the world 🙁

You don’t really explore distant civilizations or shoot aliens or spend hours flying space ships into docking bays. You just enter in some data and see how the planets and moons line up. Imagine No Man’s Sky but without any content and you’re just about there.

And uh, that’s about all there is to say about Visible Solar System. I put it in the list because it’s different and you should experience it and it was a fantastic way to fool parents into thinking the Commodore 64 was for educational purposes.


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