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There was no way I could write about the Commodore 64 games that I love the most and not write about Wizball. Wizball is my favourite video game of all time ever and forever amen.

I won’t bother describing the gameplay, you can watch the YouTube video or even better play the game yourself to really get it, but all you need to know is that this game represents everything I love about the Commodore 64.

Wizball is staggeringly original, completely odd and written by three people who just kind of made it all up as they went along. It’s the kind of game that represents the independent, irreverent spirit that makes the Commodore 64 great.

I’ve spent countless hours in Wizball, enjoying the fluid controls, the tense shooting, the relaxing colour collecting and the absolute nutso transition screen that throws enemies at you like no tomorrow and is backed with some of the best music the C64’s SID chip ever mustered. And straight up, 30 years on, the game simply doesn’t get old. It’s still a fresh, enticing experience.

I don’t know how else to put it – if there’s any title that demonstrates what a unique and fun hobby playing Commodore 64 games is, this is it. I truly do love it to bits and I hope you do too.

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