cover_temp2Great news, everyone! We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the next Blow The Cartridge comic book made, and YOU can help this happen!

Like previous Blow The Cartridge comic books, this new issue will have brand new comics that are made especially for the book, and be at least 36 pages of retrogaming good times. That’s a lot of comics about old video games!

Also, if that wasn’t enough – we’re doing something awesome we haven’t done before: hiring a talented person to do the cover! Ant Stiller is a well-known name in retrogaming, being an award-winning game developer and artist who has done art for game covers, backgrounds and so much more! I’m sure you’ll agree that the work in progress cover he has made looks astounding, and the final version will look even better!

Once again we’re offering guest appearances in the comic! Imagine how cool it will be to have your face in a brand new comic strip made especially for the issue!

The print copy I’m especially excited for, as we’re using the high-resolution original art files to make the visuals really shine on the page. And I’m also offering a reward where I will do a personalised sketch in your copy!

There’s also a handy-dandy digital version on offer too for the ultimate in portability and convenience, so no matter how you like to read your comics, you’re covered!

I hope you like what we have on offer, and please spread the world! Thanks!