Eugene Jarvis strikes again with one of the greatest shooters of all time, an absolute classic!

Most of my Defender time was spent with a handheld LCD version that had a gabillion buttons, required like 4 D-size batteries and sounded like the rapture was about to take place but I loved it to bits and played it non-stop for months. This was all pre-Gameboy, in fact I think it was pre-me owning a C64 so it’s not like I had much choice on games to play. Still, the rock-hard gameplay shone through.

Ah Eugene Jarvis, is there anything you can’t do?

By the way if you own a PS3, PS4 or Vita (and if you don’t, seriously, buy a Vita) then you should try Resogun, which I have to admit might just be that little bit better than Defender. It’s amazing! No wonder our Lord and Saviour Eugene Jarvis is making a game with its developers.