This comic stars my buddy Frank. Frank and I used to review Game Boy games for GameSpot back in the day, and most of them were terrible, absolute stinkers. After Pokémon broke out publishers released hundreds of Game Boy games hoping to ride the handheld’s surprise wave of success, but the thing about the Game Boy is that you have to be clever about how you make games for it since it’s basically a pocket calculator with a joypad and some buttons.

There were classics like Tetris and Wario Land and Tetris Attack that I sunk approximately infinite hours into, and then there were the Game Boy Army Men games.

Army Men was not a great franchise, but I guess it sold enough on the various machines the 3DO company inflicted it on that they kept making them for a few years, and after a while Stockholm syndrome sets in and you end up liking Army Men and I think that’s what happened to poor old Frank.