Hello again! After the last blog post about the most popular comics that ran on Blow The Cartridge in 2016, I thought it would be fun to look at the ones at the bottom of the list. Maybe we can point and laugh at their crappiness, and perhaps even learn something along the way about what not to do. Let’s get stuck in!



I can’t say I’m too surprised that Karnov turned up in this list. I don’t really know what I was trying to do here – I was kicking around the idea of Blow The Cartridge turning into a comic where old game characters try to get new jobs after they stop being famous, but I think that was a bit too esoteric and maybe a bit mid-life-crisis-ish.

King of Fighters 

Aww! I kind of like this one! The land taxes bit gave me a giggle. I guess it is a bit of a cop out to do a comic about a fighting game and have no fighting in it. I mean, it’s not like I have never done that before…

Yo, Joe! 

This comic rightfully deserves its place amongst the most unpopular comics on this site. I didn’t play the game that much and kind of extrapolated too much out of the intro cutscene that most people just skipped over. Also this was made back when I drew comics on paper, and I remember it taking aaaaages to do for some reason. Bah!

Jack Attack 

I really need to stop making comics about games that are abstract. To be fair I didn’t really have a lot to work with – the original game is just a bunch of blobs moving around the screen. I try to avoid these kinds of games nowadays, sticking to ones with clearly defined characters and situations.

A Dog’s Life 

I like Frontier’s games, but I hate drawing dogs. Well, unless it’s a Presidog. I guess the joke is he was being neutered? It’s hard to tell with the angle I chose. This was made back when I didn’t really have time to edit the comic script before committing to paper and it shows.


I guess nobody played (or attempted to play) Revs? Shame, I like this one. Never did get much further than the first corner…

Running Battle 

The joke was that he was a cop avenging his partner’s brutal murder by…brutally murdering people. OK not exactly top shelf material but sheesh, really, in the top 5? Ouch.


OK this one totally deserves being in this list. I had nothing here. There were doors that had “Ent” marked on them, and that is the name of the trees in Lord of the Rings, and uh that was it YIKES no Cameron this was a bad comic go back to comic school.

Continental Circus 

Yeah, looking back on it, I blew it. I could have made a comic about being a formula one star, or made a comic about how I spent prom night playing this on my C64 instead of going out because I was a total shut in, but I kind of tried to do both and failed. Shame.

Laser Squad 

I guess I am literally the only person who a) remembers Laser Squad and b) thought it was amusing that you could shoot at toilets in Laser Squad? YEP.

Well there you go – this has been cathartic in a sense…and with almost 400 (!) comics in the archive now, they can’t all be winners!