Hello! I am so very super proud to present to you, my latest retrogaming comic book, Blow The Cartridge #6!

It’s 40 pages of full colour retrogaming goodness, ready for you (and all your friends!) to enjoy!

Not only does it collect the latest comics that have appeared on this website, it also features TONS of brand new comics, including the latest Street Fighter-related criminal escapade of mine, I really do need to stop buying Street Fighter games.

I am so very happy with how this one turned out – and it also features an incredible cover by artist extraordinaire, Ant Stiller! He is super talented. One day he will be my wife.

It’s available now in a luscious print edition or a super convenient (and CHEAP!) digital copy!

Get yours today, before they sell out! (This is actually a thing that happens, I am shocked too)