Hello! I just hit the big green shiny LAUNCH button on my new Kickstarter campaign, for my other comic, Rose! The Rose Comic Collection will be 100 pages of fun, full colour comics about food, family, food, friends, food, animals, food and FOOD!

(that launch button is scary as heck lemme tell ya)

Rose is a fun, all ages comic that I think you will enjoy – it’s like Blow The Cartridge, but instead of me talking about how much I love Donkey Kong Country it’s a young redhead who talks about how much she loves cookies. And hot dogs. And muffins. And pizza.

We’re offering digtal copies, print copies, SIGNED AND SKETCHED print copies, and also a GUEST STARRING role in a brand new story I’m making for the book!

So please check it out! I cannot describe how much I love Rose and making this comic is a real joy for me. I know you’re going to love her, too!