Tim McEwen was one of the very first real comic book artists who inspired me to throw my hat into the ring. When I was a kid he was the co-creator of an awesome locally made comic book called Greener Pastures about a bull who goes to university. It blew my mind to see a comic on the newsagent shelves made here in Australia, and it showed me that I could do it too one day if I tried. They were even kind enough to run my dumb fan art in the letter’s page of a later issue! Cut to many years later and he was also kind enough to let me turn his Moon Cresta story into a Blow The Cartridge comic. I’ll always be so grateful to the guy for his supreme kindness and support.

Moon Cresta! I remember playing a bit of it on the C64 way back when, and I liked it enough, but I was always more of a Galaga and Gyruss kind of guy.