And my misadventures buying Street Fighter games continue. You can read my death-defying exploits buying Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior, or getting literally shot at after buying Street Fighter 2 Turbo, this one is just about being a drug mule. What could go wrong?

I totally get why digital downloads are so attractive.

Anyway! It was totally worth the hassle. That intro where Ryu throws a fireball at the screen? Oh man, I loved that, even though I’m not looking forward to a modern remake.

And yes, this stupid story really did happen. I was so blown away by visiting these strange apartments in the city and seeing 20-somethings just hanging out in a room full of gaming consoles I could only dream about after reading about them in magazines. They had, like 3DOs just sitting there! Absolute madness. It was like finding a doorway to Narnia, except Narnia was inside the pages of Edge magazine.