Hi! This is the first video game I worked on as a designer slash producer type and I am still especially fond of it. I recently started playing through it again on the big TV thanks to the magic of the SNES Mini and was still happy with how it turned out, all these years later!

We kicked some serious ass squeezing the massive console game into a tiny Game Boy Advance cartridge, and I’m still proud of how well everyone on the team did it!

I tell you what though, I was gutted when I found out that EA weren’t publishing the GBA version in Australia. I had to import my own game! How crazy is that! An Australian-made game set in Australia, not available in Australia. Publishers!

By the way, I’m doing a new series of comics about my time in game development – and lots of that about my time making this game – exclusively on my Patreon page, feel free to check it out!