I love, love, love the Super Nintendo Mini. It’s pretty much the perfect console, especially after you mod it to play Game Boy, NES and MegaDrive games. Even bog-standard it’s incredible, coming packed with some of the greatest games of all time. I mean, everyone loves Super Mario World and Super Probotector, right? AND YOSHI’S ISLAND THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME EVER MADE!

I used to buy a lot of video game magazines. I mean, a stupid lot. Like…$100 a week on them? They were my only social interactions of the time, really. The people who wrote in them were like friends to me (except for the bit where they actually weren’t) and I cared about what they thought a lot. It was a super interesting time in games mags, with publications devoted to everything from the Commodore 64 to the PlayStation and everything in between meant that I was exposed to hundreds of games a month (even though I only played a few of them, and most of them were through piracy). Zzap! 64 of course, but also legendary ones like Super Play and Ace and Edge and Commodore Format were really special.

But I had video game magazines, and video games, and they made me feel special, and the Super Nintendo was a huge part of that. I’m so glad I now have a little SNES to take me back to those days any time!