Blow The Cartridge is a website (ON THE INTERNET) that has comics about retro video games. I know, right? It’s like combining spaghetti and meatballs to make… um, dinner.

Do you like retro video games? SO DO I. Do you also like comics? OH MY GOD SO DO I, LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS.

So come on by every day for a chance to reminisce about your wasted childhood spent in front of the Amiga playing games that just wouldn’t be allowed to be made today. I’ll post new comics every wedNESday and you can tell me what game I should do next!

There’s a poll over to the right where you can vote for what game I should do a comic about next, or you can always email me with a suggestion of your own. I’m always eager to hear from you!

Blow The Cartridge F.A.Q.

Can you please make a comic about (insert your favorite game here)?

Sure! I sell custom-made comics on the shop that you can order right now. It’s the guaranteed way to get a comic made about a game you love!

If you’re super patient though, just drop me an email and I’ll add it to the list of comics I’ll get to eventually. I also have a poll on the right side of the site where you can vote for what game I should do next. I can’t make any promises but I dream of one day having a comic about every old game ever made on this site 🙂

Can I submit an idea / script / finished comic?

Sorry but this is a one-man show. Well my friend Mr. J writes all the funny comics but still, y’know. And hey, it’s a free internet, you would probably do much better if you made your own comic 🙂

You did a comic about a game I liked, but you didn’t do it right!

Um. Sorry, I guess? I’ll…try better on the next comic?

Can you make a new comic for my site / magazine / newspaper / Facebook page / sewing club newsletter?

Can you pay me? If so, yes. Otherwise, probably not. Sorry.

Can I put your comics on my website? 

Sure, go nuts. Just please do not remove my name and copyright information from it, and it would also be super neat if you linked to on that page too.

Dude, why haven’t you made a mobile phone version of your site yet?

Because now that Blow The Cartridge is on Comic Chameleon, I don’t need to! 🙂

Why do you do so many comics about Commodore 64 games nobody cares about?

Because I care about them most of all <3

About the guy who makes this stuff:

Gazunta, yesterdayMy name is Cameron Davis and I’ve been a life long gamer since I first got an Atari 2600 at the age of 6. Good grief, what the hell were my parents thinking? I could have been smart and rich if not for that stupid thing! The real gaming addiction started when I got the most awesome Commodore 64, starting a life-long love of that machine and the crazy games that were created for it.

This somehow transformed into a career in the games industry where I’ve been working for the past decade and a half. First as a reviewer (for places like GameSpot, IGN, Ziff-Davis,, and many others), then as a QA tester (for a bunch of kids games you probably never played), then a designer (for a bunch of TY The Tasmanian Tiger / Spyro / Viva Pinata / Owls of Ga’Hoole and Happy Feet games you definitely never played), and then working in the publishing / distribution side of the industry.

I’ve also contributed to Retro Gaming Hacks published by O’Reilly Press, the final issue of legendary magazine Zzap! 64 and made the gaming sites What Was That Game and Game Review System. I’ve spent most of my allegedly adult life playing, making or writing about games, and now I draw comics about them!

Blow The Cartridge has been running since 2011 and has appeared in such publications as GameSpot, Game Informer Australia, Kotaku, Joystiq, and Reset 64. I also made comics at Funny Webcomic and Hive FM. Besides this website I also make book collections of my work (the latest being Super Blow The Cartridge which you can (AND SHOULD!) buy now) and some other fun stuff I’ll talk about later.

Get in touch! Tell me about your favourite old games! It’s not like I’m doing much else today. Blow The Cartridge also has its own Facebook page if you like that sorta thing.


PS: My favourite video game character is Cranky Kong. He is old and keeps going on about the good old days of video games.