Name an old video game – I will make a comic about it!

A simple premise, right? You bet your butt it is, skippy! It’s super easy and fun to let me know what game you would like me to do next. Here’s how you can do it!

VOTE on the poll over there to the right. I have five games up for suggestion and your vote will help determine which one goes up next. That’s power to the people, man.

EMAIL me at any time with your suggestion! I love getting email, especially emails about retro gaming πŸ™‚

COMMENT in the handy comment form below. From time to time I’ll clear out comments that suggest games I’ve already done.

HIRE A PLANE TO DO SOME SKYWRITING ABOVE MY HOUSE: A bit expensive perhaps but almost guaranteed to get my attention. Actually come to think of it, noticing it would require me to leave the house and look up so I don’t rate your chances.

GET YOUR OWN CUSTOM-MADE BLOW THE CARTRIDGE COMIC STRIP: You can now order a comic directly from me from the Blow The Cartridge Shop, and I’ll make a comic about any game you choose!