I keep buying Robocod because they keep re-releasing the darn thing. The MegaDrive version is my favourite, of course, but it’s just so huge and cute and full of hidden surprises that I can’t resist quad dipping.

I bought the Nintendo DS version when it came out and my wife played it while I was out one day. I came home to her livid. “BAD GAME”, she growled, pointing at the Robocod cartridge like it was a puppy that just messed up the rug.


Forget finances, politics or religion – Robocod is an issue that really tests a marriage.

And man oh man, I think Robocod wins the prize for being the game that got converted to the most number of machines. It was released in that curious nexus where 8, 16 and 32-bit machines all peacefully coexisted and had new games released for them. I know I spent a fortune of magazines at the time keeping up with it all…and now look where all of it got me!