I can’t say I was ever a huge fan of this game, but I can definitely respect its place in gaming history.

I did like how when Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts came out, you could call up Microsoft and say that you didn’t get the download code for Banjo Kazooie XBLA that you should have got when you pre-ordered Nuts & Bolts, and they just gave you a code for free. Thanks for the eight free copies, Microsoft!

The XBLA port was nice and all, but MAN did I adore Nuts & Bolts. It was the game I had dreamed of making for years. In fact when we were pitching a sequel to Viva Piñata Party Animals one of the key features was going to be a “make your own mini games” feature where you could construct your own activities, gadgets and vehicles from parts you collect through the regular game. In my mind if a kid wanted to play a mini game where he attached wings and rockets to his pinata and flew around kicking a floating soccer ball around, should be able to do that.

“That’s a really interesting idea”, they replied, “but we have something similar in the works”

A couple of months later Nuts & Bolts was released and I played it like craaaaazy.

Anyway, Rare were awesome back in the day, but man was it weird that that bird stayed in the backpack.